Get Sushi Designs, LLC

Our Story

A Portland, Oregon based apparel design and development company, focused on helping small brands create unique and locally inspired clothing.  GSD often draws inspiration from the city's vibrant culture and natural surrounding beauty, helping produce limited design runs that maintain exclusivity. With a commitment to sustainability, Get Sushi uses eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices where ever possible, catering to a niche market that values both style and responsible consumption.

Our Services

Get Sushi is a Portland based apparel and accessory design studio offering consultation and development services such as; pattern drafting, sustainable small batch runs, prototyping and samples. Services include computer flats, technical packaging, bill of materials, line sheets, costing, margins, wholesale vs. direct sales, and planograms. Advice on optimal branding, online copy and merchandising, and social media strategies for small startup apparel companies.